Day 58- Middlebury, VT

A great day NOT to be riding. It was 35C degrees and extremely humid. Even walking around town seemed like an incredibly arduous task. As I said (I think in the last blog), my mom went to college at Middlebury so she knows this area quite well and spent a lot of the day reminiscing, although a lot has changed since her time here.

She brought me, proudly, on a tour of the campus. Although hard to stay interested because of the heat, I was happy to get a glimpse into a part of my mom’s past I know nothing about. Thankfully there was a fro-yo place in town so we were able to meet up with my grandparents and cool off after a couple of hours in the sun.

We then took a speedy tour around campus trying to determine what was sidewalk and what was road by car with the grandparents. A couple of times we tried to go over curbs onto sidewalks by accident. A great quote of the day by my grandma was “If it’s a one way road, go on the wrong side, there will be less traffic” …to which I replied, “traffic in which direction?!”

Middlebury seems like a great school but is incredibly rural and not something I would think about considering in my future. On the other hand, I could definitely see my brother, Sebastian, going to a school like this.

As always, highlights of today included a trip to the laundry mat and the local grocery store for some bananas and sun screen.

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