United World Schools

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“Our mission is to teach the unreached in providing education to over 100,000 children per year in post-conflict and developing countries who, for whatever reason, have been denied access to education.”

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United World Schools is a registered UK charity, number 1129537.

100% of donations will go towards supporting and developing UWS Katcham School, in Ratanakiri, Cambodia.

UWS Katcham, located in the Lumphat district, opened in 2013. UWS’ involvement in Katcham village began in 2012 when they first visited the village – although due to its location deep in the jungle, they failed to find it on their first attempt! On arrival, the UWS team found a poverty-stricken and very under-resourced community, which had an old, run down, mud-floored “school” with two classrooms containing around 200 children. UWS have subsequently built and supported the development of a new school for Katcham. My efforts will support UWS Katcham School in 2015 and beyond.
For more info on United World School check out their amazing website: http://www.unitedworldschools.org/
Please read an update on the UWS school I’ll be supporting! UWS Katcham

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