Day 59 Middlebury-Woodstock, VT

I accomplished a major life goal today: I visited the Ben & Jerry’s factory. Now, if you know me, you should know a major food group of mine is ice cream. During basketball season and this summer (and truthfully most of the rest of the year), I eat about a bowl of ice cream a night. My whole family can vouch for this. At night if I hear someone in the kitchen getting a bowl out of the cabinet I can be counted on to yell ‘that’s my ice cream’ from my room no matter what time of night.

We rode 75 very hilly km in the heat today. We tried to leave early and did around 8am. Lucky for us, since my grandparents are visiting with us they were able to carry our bags today. Since we haven’t ridden without the 40 pound bags in almost two months, we cycled, quite noticeably, faster today. Going up hills seemed 100x easier yet they were still quite difficult.

After a delicious pizza dinner in town we headed to bed. The sun really tires you out a lot more than one may think. We have three days left in our trip. I can’t believe it. Have we really come this far? It seems like I just finished my last exam. This summer has flown by so quickly.

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