Day 57 Burlington-Middlebury, VT

We used the first-aid kit twice today, but for minor injuries, not to worry. We broke it our before even leaving when my mom somehow managed to cut her finger attempting to pump up a bike tire. The second time we had arrived for the day and when my grandma ran to greet us she somehow managed to cut her toe and it was bleeding. I patched it up, excited to be able to use all the supplies we’ve been hauling around with us this summer.

It was horribly hot today, around 35 degrees. I would argue this was one of the hardest days we’ve had to date. The heat combined with never-ending, steep hills made for a tough ride. In the Rockies, I didn’t stand to climb while riding as often because it’s a much more gradual ascent. Here, the hills are sharp and at around an 8-10% grade, so standing is pretty much the only was to get up them. I think I went through 5-6 bottles of water today; as I said, it was HOT.

It was nice to have an actual view today (instead of just never-ending forest or prairies). We looked out on the Adirondacks to the west and Green Mountains to the east. We followed back country roads most of the day; it was nice to be off of the highway.

Besides the excitement of seeing my grandparents, there was a moose today. Well, not a real one. My grandma has been following along by blog this summer and clearly learned about my fondness for moose. She bought me a moose figurine and was very proud to present it to me. Thanks, Nanny!

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