Day 56 Ellenburg, NY- Burlington, VT

We raced a solid 70km today without stopping in hopes of making the earlier ferry across the lake. Luckily, although completely exhausted, we made it with enough time to spare to get some snacks before we left port. It was very hot today and the topography is beginning to become mountainous again (yay?). There are lots of windmills in this area because apparently it’s in the red zone for wind, whatever that means. We were very grateful that the windmills weren’t very effective today, meaning it wasn’t very windy.

After getting off of the ferry, we were in Vermont. I was happy because it was only about 5 more km to our motel. Sadly, what I didn’t realize is that VERMONT IS NOT FLAT. IT IS EXTREMELY HILLY AND THE HILLS ARE VERY HIGH IN GRADE. (I don’t know if you’re able to notice, but I did not like that.) I was dripping in sweat by the time we arrived.

Once showered, we headed into downtown Burlington. We walked around and then settled on a place for dinner. Needless to say, we’re happy we didn’t have gas station food for dinner. I really do miss home-cooked meals.

Tomorrow we are headed to Middlebury, a very hilly 70km South. My mom went to school in Middlebury, so she knows the area pretty well and my grandparents will meet us there. It’s supposed to be over 30 degrees, so hopefully we are able to cope with the heat and hills!

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