Day 40 Mass City-Champion

The day started with us accidentally sleeping in until 8:30am and a big breakfast. I forgot to mention that yesterday we crossed into the Eastern time zone, which would obviously account for waking up late. 😉 I had the ‘adventure omelette,’ which was delicious, though I could only eat half of it.

We had quite a long day today, and it felt like we were moving incredibly slowly. One thing I’ve noticed about MI so far is that they have a lot of great road-side parks. We met a couple of bikers at one who were also riding coast to coast. They were the first cyclists we’ve met in weeks!

We arrived at the motel, again, in the middle of no where and had to wander over to the gas station for dinner. Today, the ice cream selection wasn’t as good so I settled on a frozen cake, which we carried back to the room on the back of the bike. The wifi only worked if you sat in the bushes of the parking lot, so we moved some chairs over there and made ourselves comfortable. It didn’t work very well, but we stayed long enough to have a couple of German tourists come over and ask what we could possibly be doing sitting in the bushes. We shared the wifi secret and when we went inside, they took our seats.

Getting back to the room we realized my mom’s back tire was flat so we had to go ahead and change it. It turned out that there was a big metal staple that had pierced through. Good thing we found it at night and not in the morning.

Tomorrow we will be riding 120km to Munising, MI.

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