Day 39 Ironwood-Mass City

This is the first night we’ve had wifi in three days, so here come three blog posts!

Our day largely took us through national forests, which made for quite the scenic ride! We rode to the northern part of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (UP), a very remote area– hence the no wifi or cell reception.

After stopping for lunch at a local diner around halfway, we had to ride up a huge hill. It almost felt like we were back in the Rockies. It was around 3km long and was at about an 8-9% grade– not so much fun!! The funny thing is, I was telling my self all the way up that hill, come on you can get up this hill, the faster you do the sooner you can watch Netflix! Joke was on me.

We arrived at the Adventure Motel to a note stuck on the door (see pictures). We were the only ones staying at the motel… slightly creepy? There was no restaurant to be found so we headed over to the gas station to get our dinner. A container of Ben & Jerry’s was a must, and we finished that in around 5 minutes. I had some ramen noodles and a frozen dinner, and my mom had some pasta. All cooked by the miracle microwave!

Tomorrow we are heading to Champion, it should be around a 125km ride.

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