Day 41 Champion-Munising, MI

Once again we found ourselves in the bushes this morning trying to get some wi-fi. After connecting and a nice breakfast in the gas station across the highway, we were on our way. We had 120km to ride in a much more populated area of the UP of MI.

Around 40km into the ride we stopped in Marquette, a lake-front town. Riding into town, we spotted a Best Buy; my mom had lost the headphone jack to connect her head phones to her phone case so we decided to go in to see if they had a replacement. They would only sell us a whole new case, which included the jack, and it was something hard to go without, so we went for it. Joke was on us because 30 minutes after purchasing it my mom found the ‘lost’ jack in her wallet. Good one, mom. We will be returning the case.

After Best Buy, we stopped into a Starbucks. A guy came up to me and said he had seen us riding down the highway earlier that day. He then asked where we were coming from and going. I told him about our trip and a few other people came over to talk to us. Everyone was giving us advice about where to go and what to see. Right before leaving, one of the people remembered there was a bike path that went right through the city but they couldn’t remember where it started. They then proceeded to ask the whole shop if anyone knew where it began and people started replying. We got the directions and were able to ride this great path another 30km.

Right outside of Munising, where we were staying for the night, was a town called Christmas. This town really did capitalize on its name. There was a giant santa statue and a pole marking the North Pole as well as Christmas-related street names and motels. Luckily, this is the town where we got our flat tire. We changed it quickly and rode out the last few km to our motel for the night.

After ordering delicious pizza for dinner we looked at the weather and realized there were going to be huge storms tomorrow. We decided to wait them out a day here and then carry on the day after, basically moving our rest day from Sault St. Marie to tomorrow.

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