Day 38 Bayfield-Ironwood, MI

Crazy, crazy wind today. Up to 40 mile per hour gusts, which is about 65km/hr. It was definitely not safe to ride! We spent a little bit of time re-routing the next few days and decided to catch a ride to a town 20 miles east of Ashland with our friend Jane, who was headed home to southern Wisconsin. Thanks again, Jane! We would spend the night here, in Ironwood, and then head on forward, hopefully wind free, tomorrow.

We arrived here midday, which gave me plenty of time for a nice nap. My mom and I have started watching the Netflix show Grace and Frankie, which we really like so far! Tomorrow we have a 110km day heading north-east. We have to make our way across the upper peninsula of Michigan, which is quite rural and isolated. Tomorrow night we are staying in a place called the Adventure Motel and Cafe, should be a true adventure!

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