Day 18 Medicine Hat-Maple Creek

Saskatchewan, finally! We reached the border in around 50km. Some how, it was pretty easy riding and we got there in a little under two hours; the wind must have been at our backs, which we learned later that day was not always the case. We stopped off at the border. Of course I had to get some ice cream at 9am for breakfast. Some others cyclists came though, saw my ice cream, and decided it was a great idea, proceeding to get their own. Turns out that these three cyclists we met were also headed for the East Coast. As we started talking, Carol (from the night before) pulled up and it was a whole ‘gang.’ We all posed at the border sign and rode the rest of the way to Maple Creek.

The first 90km seemed easy and almost really enjoyable. It wasn’t until we turned off of the highway, to ride 10km into town, that it started to get hard and not very fun at all. We had TONS of wind coming directly at us and lots of hills. It felt like we weren’t even moving. I was pretty much ready to throw my bike into the field with the cows and walk back to Vancouver. Of course, the one thing you need when you’re frustrated like this is a flat tire; that is exactly what we got, a mere 2km from our motel for the night. I was mad, hot, annoyed, and frustrated but, somehow, managed to change the tire.

In ‘town’ we ate dinner and hunted for toothpaste and sunscreen: two obvious necessities. Apparently we were staying in the oldest building in SK, who knew? I was very, very tired and went to bed around 8pm, without wifi.

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