Day 19 Maple Creek-Swift Current

Whoever said that the prairies were flat lied. It was very hilly today, and since there are no trees and the roads seem to never end, it makes the hills look steeper than they really are. We had 145 km to do today. It was going to be hot too, 35 degrees. We woke up at 5am, I wasn’t very happy about that, and left at 6am.

We rode for a while but I started getting quite tired and fatigued. I tried to eat and drink more, but nothing seemed to help so I just kept riding and somehow got out of it a few more hours in.

I was able to finish the first audio book I’ve been listening to, All the Light We Cannot See, It was very good, I would strongly recommend it if you like less violent WWII reads. I then started 1984, which is excellent so far. I haven’t listened to audio books until now because it hasn’t been this boring! Mountains are nice to look at and keep changing, but prairies just keep going! I get through about half a book (7hrs of listening) a day, so if you have any recommendations, send them my way!

My mom met and talked to a man who was riding his BMW motorcycle in a circle around all of Canada, including the Yukon in Northern Canada, which is pretty cool; this is as pictured below.

It was very hot today and I had a little extra water in the Camelback. I learned that it’s really refreshing to pour a bit on you when you’re super hot, I’ll definitely keep doing that! Around 135km into our ride, again, we blew a flat 10km from our motel. I have the best luck. This is our 6th flat tire so far! I fixed it on the side of the road and we kept going for the last 10km.

We haven’t washed our clothes in about four days, and that doesn’t really work seeing as we only have two sets of clothes. When we got to our motel we hand washed them in the bathtub, which is always fun, and hung them to dry outside on some quite ‘alternative’ racks: a chair and our bikes.

Tomorrow, just because of mapping, we will only ride 45km. So luckily, I get to sleep in and we will go to the grocery store quickly before leaving.

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