Day 17 Brooks-Medicine Hat

Waking up was hard today, which made the day start out every slowly. I think I’m just exhausted. I’m sleeping 8+ hours everyday, which probably still isn’t enough! Last night we bought some sandwiches at the gas station across the road. I had the choice between a fried chicken sandwich or wrap (!) not much else.

It was a 110km ride into the big city of Medicine Hat. This time, I don’t say that sarcastically, it’s a pretty decent sized city. We were utilizing Warm Showers for the first time tonight. It’s a programme where other cyclists from the touring community put you up for the night; we didn’t really know what to expect, but were happy to be out of motels for a night!

There wasn’t much between Brooks and Medicine Hat; we stopped off at a tiny, and when I say tiny I mean one ‘shop’ off of a dirt road, town for lunch. We met some friendly truckers as well. They asked us about our trip and basically told us we were crazy, yet they see a lot of people doing this.

Although it was a long day of riding in the heat, we arrived at 4pm. Doug (our Warm Showers host) was lovely– he offered us drinks, snacks and it was great to talk to him about the route, our bikes, and touring in general. Carol, who passed us going down Roger’s Pass, was also getting graciously hosted by Doug. We she arrived, we talked a bit, ate a big dinner and then headed out on the town for a tour. Fun fact, Medicine Hat has the largest teepee in the world. The prairies have a lot of the largest things, I guess they have the room! A red, smoky sunset was also a part of the tour. There have been a lot of fires up North and the winds bring the smoke south.

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