Day 49 Toronto-Bowmanville, ON

Formerly, I had believed that walking through drive-thru restaurants was illegal. As it turns out, it’s not. We happily discovered this at a drive-thru doughnut shack in Bowmanville tonight. We were craving frozen cake, but sadly, the gas station didn’t have any today. The doughnuts were mediocre are best but the excitement of procuring them made up for their lack of taste.

We were pretty hungry after traveling 100km in the heat out of Toronto today. As any city would be on a sunny Sunday afternoon, the streets were littered with pedestrians, dogs, cyclists, rollerbladers, beach goers, boaters, joggers, wanderers, cars, trams, busses and much more. There were over a thousand directional cues when leaving so I had to listen to the GPS on my phone. We made a lot of wrong turns.

The next few days headed towards Ottawa will hopefully be a lot less busy and more straight forward. We only have 13 days left, which is crazy! We had to say goodbye to my dad and brother today and they headed back on the lake sailing. We will see them again when we return to Vancouver in a few weeks. Tomorrow, we head North-East 110km to Campbellford, ON.

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