Day 48- Toronto

We awoke early today to be ‘crew’ aboard our grandparents’ sailboat as they brought it from one dock to another one on the other side of the city. It was very windy, rainy, and cold, which is why I stayed down below deck pretty much the whole time. I took a nap; I always seem to be able to take naps anywhere and everywhere. It took about two hours on the boat to get there. After having a nice lunch we headed back into the city to meet my mom.

My mom and I walked around where our Airbnb is and I was very excited to find a cupcake shop. Sadly, upon biting into my delicious-looking cookies and cream cupcake, I found that there was no sugar nor gluten within the cupcake. It is a crime not to put sugar in a cupcake, honestly.

We watched a few episodes of Parks and Recreation which we love; it’s extremely blunt humour amuses me. Sadly we part from my dad, brother and grandparents tomorrow as we head North-East towards Ottawa, where we will be in four days. After a final dinner together we took a picture with the lake lit up by the sunset and said our goodbyes.

It will be hard to get out of the city tomorrow but I will try to navigate using my phone and listening with headphones. Hopefully I don’t use up all my data, that would not be much fun! We have a fairly flat ride along Lake Ontario tomorrow to Port Darlington, ON.


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