Day 36 Bayfield Rest Day

Today was my one day to sleep in and wake up late, but of course, for the first day ever, I awoke on my own at 6:50am. Why can this not happen every other day of the trip!? We’re staying in a small beachy town on the southern shore of Lake Superior. It is hot. Today was the first time I’ve gotten a sunburn all trip and we weren’t even biking! (Of course, this is because I forgot sunscreen.)

We met some more family friends today and spent the majority of the day hanging out and catching up with them, which was very nice. Definitely a welcome change to talk to people other than my mom!

I got an update from UWS today on the status of Katcham school. It seems they’ve already put the fundraised money to good use by repainting the school. Katcham is one of the only UWS schools that hasn’t been forced to close yet for the summer because of monsoon season! The paint will help protect the building in the upcoming months of intense rain and weather.

Updates like this continue to propel us forward on this journey. It may be hot, hilly, or boring, but I just need to keep remembering what this is all for and how fortunate we are compared to children in UWS schools all around the world.

To everyone who has played a role in making this project a reality, thank you once again! 100% of your funds go directly to Katcham School and are already making a difference in the kids’ lives.

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