Day 35 Poplar-Ashland, WI

Wild blueberry pie, a bonus laundry stop, Harley Davidson bikers in bars, and a happy reunion with a friend and her dog… another delightful, colourful day on the road as we continued to cross Wisconsin and pulled in for the start of two rest days in Bayfield, on the shore of Lake Superior.

Our first stop, in Iron River, was timely as we arrived right in the midst of the local blueberry festival. Of course, the best thing to do was get some blueberry pie from the local cafe. We also took advantage of the Iron River laundromat to do a quick load of laundry. Whilst waiting, we napped on the lawn outside of the building.

We carried on and felt the day heating up quickly, then stopped at a road side biker (as in motorcycle) bar where the lady there told us it was around 95F degrees. It was interesting to see how a bunch of guys riding Harleys stopped in, drank a beer, and then continued on the road. We decided to wait here and Jane, a good family friend, and her lovely dog Finn came to pick us up.

From there we went to get some lunch and coffee at a cafe in Ashland. We made our way along the coast to the small lake-side town of Bayfield. We dropped our bikes at the local bike shop which we had heard about through a friend. Tom Hart, the owner, knew exactly what our bikes may need, tune-up wise, at this point in the trip. Coincidentally, we somehow discovered that he knew a couple of my former teachers from The Netherlands, as he had taught with them in Asia. Small world!

We will have two rest days here in Bayfield and will spend time with friends who have come up from southern Wisconsin. It will be nice to be out of the heat a bit and enjoy this area and the beauty it’s know for!

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