Day 31 Fosston-Cass Lake, MN

Today’s 100km ride was punctuated by several gas station snack breaks– nothing too noteworthy. I never thought I would be so happy to see real trees again, but I am! We’re out of the prairies for now, which is good. We’re starting to go by a lot more water and lakes, getting closer to the Great Lakes.

Tonight we’re staying at a hotel connected to a pretty run down casino; can you say ‘experience’? We’ve noticed that this place is covered in entertaining signs, so I’ve included a few in the pictures. Few will find them as funny as we did. We had a huge, not very delicious dinner for $10 total. As bad as it was, who can complain for $10.

We’re officially half way through the trip in distance and time: 31 days totalling 2,750km! It feels like we have most of the trip behind us, but we’re not done yet! We are still working towards our goal of $15,000 to fund operations at Katcham School for one year. Even though our trip will end at some point, the need for schools and funding in the remote, post-conflict regions where UWS works has no end in sight. If you are still reading this, thank you– and as entertaining as it may be to live vicariously through us as we fumble our way across the continent, please remember the reason we’re doing this, and spread the word!

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