Day 30 Crookston-Fosston

I fell asleep very early last night, forgetting to do my blog post for the day, apologies!

It wasn’t a very exciting day but we’re starting to come out of the flat prairies, which makes riding a bit more interesting.

We had a pretty easy 75km with rolling hills. We arrived pretty early and went to eat at the local grill, not restaurant, as they call it here. I’ve pretty much been having burgers most nights as there aren’t many other options. I’m not complaining, yet! On the topic of food, something I’ve noticed in pretty much every gas station is this machine that makes milkshakes or smoothies for you on the spot. Pretty weird but a good idea nonetheless.

Tomorrow we’re heading to Cass Lake– a good 110km further down highway 2. It’s definitely getting easier to appreciate and notice that we’re not completely in the middle of nowhere anymore. There are more and more places to stop in between destinations and we don’t need to worry as much about carrying enough water and food.

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