Day 26 Kenmare-Minot

The highlight of today was, most definitely, the pizza dinner. It was the most delicious pizza, we both agreed, we’ve had in a while. We’re staying at a B&B in the city of Minot, and we’ve learned that the North Dakota State Fair is being hosted here-starting today!

We had a pretty eventless ride today- rolling hills entering what I believe is the Red River Valley (thank you Socials 10?). The best road side signs I think we saw today riding into Minot read (on the left): ‘Dirt for sale, call here’ and (on the right): ‘Dirt wanted, call to sell.’ It was quite comical and we had a nice laugh rolling into town.

Tomorrow we’re headed 100km to the small town of Rugby. There are supposed to be westerly winds of up to 40km/hr! Hopefully they help us rather than hurt us!

We’ve gotten good at finding foods with the most calories (since we burn 4,000+ per day); I would hope this skill doesn’t continue once we’re done with this trip! At just one gas station stop today I ate a whole burrito, bag of chips, pack of mini doughnuts, and an iced tea! Obviously, there isn’t much choice when it comes to food. Let’s just say, once school starts up again, I won’t be craving junk food very often as I would have had 1000x my share of it this summer!

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