Day 25 Estevan-Kenmare

Lucky for us, it ended up not storming today. We cycled through rolling hills and fields of cattle right up until the US border crossing. We met a very, very cute puppy at the crossing and because of that had to extend our stop to play for a few minutes. Five minutes past the border, we were, once again, riding through the middle of nowhere.

Big excitement (more of an annoyance): the Sherriff stopped us right after entering the US! He told us we couldn’t ride on the road, which had barely any traffic, and that we had to ride on the shoulder. My mom pointed out that there was no shoulder, and he responded saying we then needed to ride on the gravel. I was very annoyed about this because riding on gravel with our bikes is near impossible. Welcome to America (not)!

We stopped in the shade off the highway for a few minutes and I happily lay down, ate, and relaxed for a little bit. My knee has really started bothering me the last couple days so I need to stretch more often whilst riding.

Tomorrow we are headed to the city of Minot, South East of Kenmare, where we’re staying tonight. It’s only about a 90km ride and hopefully mostly flat. May the wind be at our backs!

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One thought on “Day 25 Estevan-Kenmare

  1. That small town sheriff didn’t have anything to do. Puffed up ego. I doubt there was a law that said you couldn’t ride on the road. Grrrr.


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