Day 23 Moose Jaw-Weyburn

The start to our day, at 7/11, included meeting a REAL cowboy, again. He talked to us for about an hour about his life, which seemed totally normal to him but crazy to us! He told us how he had rescued two wolves, when hunting, as pups, and raised them as dogs that he now had on his farm. He also talked about how he vacations every year for a month by riding a chuck wagon with his family through the prairies!

We rode 150km today and it was flatter than I had ever imagined it could/would get. We finished pretty quickly probably averaging 25km/hr or more. We had nice cloud cover and the heat and wind held out on us. Technically this was he longest day of the trip, distance wise, but it definitely didn’t feel like it!

We talked to lots of people today, as many asked what we were doing and why on earth we were in SK. If you’ve ever seen the show Corner Gas, a very, very Canadian show, you might recognize some of today’s pictures! We cycled through the town that it’s filmed in, so it was neat to see all of the movie sets that are in the tiny community. When we were coming into that same town I saw more pick ups truck than I had ever seen in my life. They, probably close to a thousand of them, lined the highway. We were able to hear an auction going on in the distance with some farm equipment so it must have been a pretty big farmer event!

There have been lots of storms here at night. Luckily we’ve always gotten to our destination just in time and missed them; we shall see how that luck holds up!

I’ve started to get less sore at the end of rides. This may be because I’m getting in better shape, or possibly just because it’s dead flat. My shoulders, oddly enough, have been the only things that are getting painful. I don’t know why, as it’s more the muscle underneath the arm. I will just wait and see how it progresses.

Tomorrow we are heading South 90km, our last full day in Canada for a while! It shouldn’t be a long ride so I get to sleep in a bit!

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