Day 22 Moose Jaw Rest Day

We wandered around town a bit today and ate a lot of food, which, overall, made for a good day. We got some mandatory Moose Jaw souvenirs, and went to lunch, which involved milkshakes and deep-fried pickles, before having to come back to take a Netflix/nap break.

Our afternoon outing involved going to the post office to mail post cards (let me know if you would like one!), stopping by the local bike shop for supplies, and the drug store for food. We’ve observed that everything opens late here, even if their signs say otherwise. We watched the shop across the street open at 10:38am and it was closed by 4:40pm. Can you tell we don’t have much to do??

We purchased a frozen belated birthday cake from the drug store, as a way to extend festivities and ate the whole thing with spoons once arriving back to our room. We tried to do candles, but after putting them in the cake, we realized we had no lighter and preceded by pretending to blow out candles.

Tomorrow we have our longest, flattest day of the trip. We’re heading South East to Weyburn, which is 150km away. I’m very excited to see Mac the Moose, the world’s largest moose statue on our way out of town tomorrow morning. Check back for pictures tomorrow night!

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