Day 12 Lake Louise-Calgary

Today was the most beautiful day of riding ever. It’s probably the most beautiful part of the world I’ve ever seen and I’m not exaggerating. It was also a nice refresher that riding doesn’t always have to include extreme climbing. It was pretty much all downhill today which was really nice. Also, today was one of the first days that we weren’t on the Trans-Canada Highway. We took the parkway which eventually lead onto a great bike path that ran parallel to the highway.

There were SO MANY cyclists out today. I don’t know if it’s a regular route for many or if it was just a busy weekend, but it was packed. We met two guys who had also left Vancouver a day or two after us who we’re also headed to the East Coast. Funny thing is, they said they met some random construction worker who mentioned us and knew what we were doing… we never even talked to the person they described, weird!

You can see in the pictures below, but we met a guy, Cole, at our hotel in Lake Louise. Turns out he taught English in Cambodia and is very interested in doing a similar ride to Chile. It was great to discuss what we’re doing and hear how others are doing things very similar!

Guess what? We got yet another flat today! Fuuuun! Luckily it was in a very scenic spot and we were quick to fix it. I’m getting very used to being covered in grease by the end of every day. The only problem with this flat was that it was our last tube that we had on us. We were just hoping we would be able to get to the end of the day without getting another one, otherwise, we would have been in a bit of trouble.

At every town we’ve stopped in I’ve made it a goal of mine to look for stickers. I’ve begun covering the frame of my bike with stickers from everywhere we stop. I think it will be cool by the end of the trip to see the accumulation of places! Bikes are in the shop now for a tune up so I’ll post pictures as soon as we have them back.

We met my dad in Calgary which was nice. We will be here for two rest days before heading onward. It’s Stampede here at the moment so it’s incredibly busy and the streets are littered with cowboy boots and hats, and people! We’re looking forward to getting to sleep in, not wear bike shorts for a couple of days, and hang out with my dad. This is the last time we will see him until the end of August.

Very much looking forward to sleeping tonight; the sun really tires you out.

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