Day 11 Rest Day Lake Louise

My apologies for not being able to post yesterday. The wifi was not cooperating very well and I didn’t want to spend my time getting too frustrated at it. We had a great rest day at Lake Louise. It’s absolutely gorgeous. We slept in, walked around, enjoyed the scenery, and relaxed until we realized that one of our tires was flat. Lucky me, I got to change it. Our third one so far this trip, way more than we had expected.

We decided to actually venture up to the lake around dinner time. We were told it was a 5km cycle. What we hadn’t been told, however, was that it was a 5km climb up a very steep mountain. This is not something we had anticipated on a cherished rest day. We made it up– almost seemed harder than Roger’s Pass (?!).

I also got an email from Tim, who runs UWS, and he sent along these videos from Katcham School. It’s pretty amazing to see how real it all is. Not really a way to describe it- watch for yourselves.

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