Day 9 Canyon Hot Springs-Golden

Roger’s Pass was today, and honestly, it was no where near as bad as I had anticipated. Fear and anticipation usually tend to be worse than the real thing. We were happily surprised when we reached the summit of 1400m. It was roughly 35km climbing. We then had 75km more to ride. We rode down for a ways but still had a bit of climbing to do. It’s almost worse going downhill on big highways like BC 1; there are lots of big trucks which create wind causing you to get pushed around quite a bit.

I was very sore in the bottom, neck, and shoulders by the end of the day. I need to work on continuing to move around whilst I’m on the bike, not just sitting still. The weather was good to us as it was pretty cloudy through the mountains and not too hot when we came down in altitude. You could definitely feel the temperature drop quite dramatically though as you went down. This is something you would have missed if in a car. We had to bundle up a lot.

We met a few dogs today, which is always great, we miss our’s a lot. At 6am we met Nike in the parking lot of the campground, and then, lucky for us, the hostel we’re staying in tonight has a couple adorable dogs as well.

Coming in to Golden I was quite annoyed, just because I was tired and the hills didn’t seem like they were ever going to stop. Lucky for me, I also got a flat tire (2km from the hostel)!! I was so happy and excited to change it (not), but I did and we were on our way again.

We had a great dinner here in Golden, I also ate two yummy cupcakes and now we’re headed to bed for another 5am wake up tomorrow, when we will be heading through Yoho National Park to Lake Louise.

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