Day 8 Sicamous-Canyon Hot Springs

I had never been more appreciative of rain than I was today. Yesterday was hot and horrible. Although today had much larger climbs, it seemed a million times better because it was 25 degrees Celsius and mostly rainy. We were lucky because we had expected thunderstorms, but they didn’t come until tonight.

I started off the morning very slowly; I wasn’t feeling well, still quite fatigued from the day before I think. I ate a couple of gels with caffeine and after another hour or so of riding I felt a lot better. I think the heat really got to me and I didn’t drink enough water; I will never make that mistake again.

Today’s scenery was absolutely gorgeous yet simultaneously daunting. The further we rode, the more dramatic and bigger the mountains and rivers started to look. It was amazing to see the landscape continue to change.

We stopped for lunch in Revelstoke, a medium sized town, about 75km into our ride. We ate lots of food, of course, made a couple quick stops at the bike shop and grocery store, and then headed on our way again. Canyon Hot Springs is a campground type place another 35km outside of Revelstoke. Getting up here was a bit of a climb but still very manageable. When in Revelstoke, we mailed about 1/4 of our unneeded stuff for the next four days ahead to ourselves in Calgary. This is because the dreaded Roger’s Pass is tomorrow, which is supposedly quite the climb.

After dinner we were checking over the bikes and tightening things down and we realized we had a flat; we do not know how this came to be and couldn’t find an answer in the tube. I happily changed it seeing as changing it in a chair on a porch is much more comfortable than on the side of a road.

My favourite part of the day, by far, however was seeing a moose warning sign. If you know me, you know I love moose. Some may even go as far as to saw I have a moose obsession; I couldn’t decline that obvious fact. I’m really, really, hoping we will see one on this trip. Another thing I’m really looking forward to, also moose-related, is my birthday in July. Were going to be in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, and they have a giant moose statue. How perfect is that? Very perfect.

4:45am wake up tomorrow, so I should probably get to bed. I’m hoping these pictures upload. There’s noWifi here so I’m working off of 3G, how sad. Although I’m mostly sad I don’t have Netflix accessibility.

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One thought on “Day 8 Sicamous-Canyon Hot Springs

  1. Day 8 sounds like a great day! Day 7 less so.
    Thank you for sharing your amazing trip through this blog – I very much enjoy reading it.
    Hopefully you get to see some real moose soon.
    Big hug,


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