Day 4 Coquihalla Summit-Merritt

We started off the day pretty early for my standards, 8am. It’s was really more like 8:30am, but I tried my best. My dad had to get back to Vancouver for work, which prompted the early departure. We were expecting a day of downhill riding, which is good because there’s no climbing, but still quite tiring.

Riding on the highway for the first part of today was ok, when it got exciting though, is when we got off of the highway. We exited at Coldwater Road, a smaller back farm road pretty parallel to the highway. I had mapped it the night before and it said that it was’t gravel, but it turned out the first 20km on the road was on loose gravel. It was pretty hard to ride in and especially going up hills, the wheels would slide. I wasn’t feeling too safe so I decided to walk it up a couple bigger hills just so that I didn’t fall unnecessarily.

We saw quite our share of ‘wildlife’ today: a few deer, a hawk, and lots of cattle. We were biking down the gravel road and we saw a couple cows up ahead. Thinking it would be fine to ride by them, we kept going. When we got closer they stopped dead in their tracks. We got off of our bikes at that point and they ran in the total opposite direction, ‘safe’.

We got into Merritt around 1pm. We’re staying with my friend Carl and his grandparents. Thank you for hosting us for the night! It was hot when we got here, around 35 degrees Celsius. We walked into town got some Slurpees and explored ‘downtown’ Merritt. Fun fact: it’s the country music capital of Canada, who knew?

Tomorrow we head up to Kamloops, around 100km of riding. It should be pretty flat, except for one pretty steep climb. Our only problem tomorrow is going to be heat. It’s supposed to be around 38 degrees. We’ll have to carry extra water, which will put on some more weight. The good thing is that after tomorrow’s journey we have our first rest day in Kamloops! We’ll need it, the hardest part of our trip is the next segment: Kamloops-Calgary, through the Rockies (ahhh), we shall see how it goes!!

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2 thoughts on “Day 4 Coquihalla Summit-Merritt

  1. Kara, the cows remind me of our trip to Ireland in 1990. They stood in the road and we had to drive around them. Love, Mom


  2. Thank you for sharing – it is very exciting to follow you and to read about your daily adventures and challenges!


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