Day 3 Hope-Coquihalla Summit

We summited up the Coquihalla today (1500m); It was, honestly, a lot less worse than I had anticipated. There were just a couple of problems with the highway. There’s only one road through the Coquihalla: Highway 5. Because there’s only one, it’s pretty busy, lots of big trucks carrying heavy loads. There also weren’t any rest stops, so we had to carry extra water.

The weird noise that we attempted to fix yesterday was back a bit before we left so we took a closer look at it. The front derailleur was rubbing against the chain. After some YouTubing and Googling we figured out that we had to tighten a certain screw and it was all fixed up. We were pretty proud of ourselves seeing as we know pretty much nothing about fixing bikes.

Leaving town, I had a basic idea of where we were going but didn’t map it on the GPS. That lead to us aimlessly riding up and down the same road like three times, oops, I’ll map it tomorrow. We’re heading down to Merritt tomorrow, which is all downhill, so shouldn’t be too bad.

My dad met us after our ride today, and it was nice to have dinner and hang out with him.

Today was a pretty boring day overall. We finished pretty early and just worked on organizing our gear for the rest of the afternoon. We did a load of laundry, which was also a highlight. I can already see this is going to be a very exciting summer (sarcasm intended).

I like the fact that we’re living pretty minimalistically. I only have one ‘outfit’ that’s not my biking clothes, which is a pair of leggings and a t-shirt. It really makes me realize that my full closet of clothes at home is pretty unnecessary. Donation wise,

we’re almost at $11,000! Wow! Thank you to everyone who’s supported in any way!

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