Day 62 North Conway, NH- Falmouth, ME

WE MADE IT!! I can’t believe it. Rolling up to the Atlantic didn’t feel real. I guess because the whole trip has been so cumulative it wasn’t as big of a burst to finish. We were greeted in Falmouth by the Farnham family. They had graciously made a welcome sign and a cake shaped like Canada (including the altitude of the Rockies)! We took a good 15 minutes to work up the courage to jump off of the high dock at the end of their road into Casco Bay. You would think we would be fearless after this journey, but I guess not fearless enough to jump. After finally working up the courage to take the plunge, we went inside and took warm, well-deserved showers.

After a great dinner out in Portland with my mom’s college friends, I found the last few missing stickers I needed for my collection on the bike. I treated myself with a heaping cup of gelato, post sticker hunt. We couldn’t believe, all night, that we’re done. I don’t know that I will ever look at hills and roads ever again!

More updates on the fundraising to come once we return to Vancouver on Thursday!

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2 thoughts on “Day 62 North Conway, NH- Falmouth, ME

  1. Congratulations, Margaux and Kara! What an amazing trip you have made and, as you said, a lifetime experience! I have been following your blog and enjoying your pictures (are you sure that was Sebastian?! how he has changed since last here). What a nice way for everyone to share in your trip. And how great for you to be able to stop and spend time with friends and family along the way (including Finn from Wisconsin! I remember what a cute dog he was). I hope you have a great trip home and have a few days to re-assimilate before going back to school. Again, congratulations on a great accomplishment. You are an amazing young woman (with an amazing mom).


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