Day 52- Sharbot Lake-Ottawa, ON

Ottawa, finally! We’ve made it to the nation’s capitol! We seemed to be going a lot quicker today, which was a nice change! It wasn’t increadibly hilly and we were on nicely paved back road for the majority of the day. We’re staying with friends of ours from Holland tonight and tomorrow we will spend the day here in Ottawa with another friend we knew from there. Good conversation, a delicious home-cooked meal, and the comfort of a well-loved home have left us feeling very welcome and grateful.

It’s crazy to be so close to the end of our trip. We only have eight more days left of riding and 10 total until we arrive!

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One thought on “Day 52- Sharbot Lake-Ottawa, ON

  1. Margaux and Kara,   I am so enjoying all the stories along your incredible journey…..the two of you are certainly inspiring to all of ua. We look forward to having you here in NH end of next week.  Continue on and wishing you many blessings and good health on this amazing adventure. Aunt Maureen  


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