Day 45 Sault Ste Marie- Toronto, ON

One of the most amazing things we have learned on this journey is that we are in command of our route; every day is our own. We can decide to head east or north-east, make a long or short day of it… change course in the event of weather, etc. Today we made a huge and exciting decision to veer off course and head south to meet up with my dad and brother, who happen to be in port in Toronto for a couple of days on their own sailing trip with my grandparents!

This change of plans required that we drive south for about 7 hours (whereupon we will have to backtrack by bike NE towards Ottawa come Sunday, to remain on course). Once the plan was in place, my mom was so excited, she could hardly (did not) stay within the speed limit.

We shared a delicious, “non-gas-station” meal together with my grandparents and brother (my dad actually arrives on Friday) and are now slowly swapping stories about summer adventures we have respectively missed.

They’ve been crossing Lake Ontario over the past week so I got a quick tour around the sailboat which brought back vague memories of the last time I saw it more that six years ago!

Within the excitement of the day we brought our bikes into the Skiis and Biikes shop here as we like it so much in Vancouver we thought it was definitely worth checking out their store here.

Tomorrow we will hang out with the family, meet some friends here in the city, and, of course, do some much needed laundry.

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