Day 43 Munising-Newberry, MI

Although there were no storms this morning it was a bit chilly! We took our time getting out as I had a killer headache last night so didn’t get to sleep until quite late- must have been because of a day not biking!

We rode down highway 28 which had an extremely small shoulder today, making for a not very fun day of riding. It’s hard when there’s no shoulder because it forces you to concentrate a lot more and try not to get pushed around by big gusts of wind that trucks make! I got another sticker from a gas station, which added to the day’s excitement.

Newberry is known for being the moose capital of Michigan which, of course, made me very happy. We rode into town and there were moose statues and signs everywhere. Although, when we asked a local what they thought our likelihood of actually spotting a moose was, it was very low– sad.

Tomorrow we’re heading back into Canada! Sault Ste Marie is around 110km down the highway. The weather looks good for tomorrow and it’s a relatively flat ride.

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2 thoughts on “Day 43 Munising-Newberry, MI

  1. What an impressive and arduous trip you’ve had so far. I’m really enjoying reading your posts, Margaux!! Keep safe and I hope for wind at your backs.


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