Day 33 Grand Forks-Floodwood, MN

Finally, some gorgeous, rolling hills for most of our 70km today! Because it was a short day, we slept in, then relished in some Caribou Coffee, followed by a Starbucks (at Target).

I was annoyed as the new book I’ve started, The Invention of Wings (which is very good so far)– wouldn’t play for some reason so I got quite bored.

In an attempt to avoid thunderstorms, we tried to time our ride accordingly. As it turns out, we were more chasing storms than meeting them. We were all ready in our rain gear for ‘the big one’ to roll in; it never did. We rode back roads, crossing the Mississippi River a couple of times and finally seeing lots of trees and marshes for the first time in a while.

We arrived in Floodwood quite hungry, so ventured over to the local Supper Club (what is that), and had the local Friday Night Fish Fry. I have to say, it was deliciously greasy.

Tomorrow, we cross the border into northern Wisconsin and begin the southern route around Lake Superior.

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