Day 28 Grand Forks Rest Day

A day in the life of a rest day: do nothing. We are usually staying on the outskirts of town and it’s hard to get to civilization. I’ve noticed most of the cities we go to have the bigger chains and well-known hotels and restaurants right on the highway, outside of town for people stopping in for the night. It’s very interesting to see. Today, for example, I got to sleep in until 11, which was heavenly. We then left the road-side motel and gas station part of town and cycled about 10km through the university to the inner part of the city. We were aiming for a Starbucks, which we found. It happened to be right next to a movie theatre so we spontaneously decided to go for a movie. We were debating whether to watch Inside Out or Train Wreck; we decided on Train Wreck because it was starting then and we didn’t have to wait another two hours. It was ok, it had it’s funny parts.

After the movie we continued aimlessly cycling around, stopped for some lunch and decided to take a wander around Target. Of course it was then time for another Starbucks. We wandered the aisles trying to think of things we could actually use that were small enough to carry: shocker, nothing. We ended up buying some new face soap, which we were out of, and dinner: a bag of salad. Honestly, I never thought I would be able to get sick of junk food. Now, being able to eat literally whatever I want, I’m sick of it and we’re only a month into the trip!

I’ve finished two more audiobooks, A Man Called Ove, about a funny, grumpy, old man. It was very sweet and heart warming–would definitely recommend it! I then started The Girl with All the Gifts but didn’t like it much so I moved on to Paperweight, which I’ve since finished. I’m now listening to All the Bright Places, which is entertaining as of right now.

Tomorrow we’re heading 40km down the road to Crookston, MN. My mom has a work call, so we had to cut the day in half in order to get there on time.

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