Day 14 Calgary Rest Day

Today was another boring day of rest in Calgary. It’s nice to have a boring day for once, but also weird not riding. I’ve realized how much I’m starting to enjoy having something to do everyday. We picked up our bikes from getting tuned up today. We had to have our chains and back cassettes replaced as they had already worn away. Shocking how fast that happened.

We spend the rest of the afternoon watching the Women’s World Cup final; it really was a crazy game. I almost thought it wasn’t real, I mean, that many goals is a joke in such little time.

Tomorrow we ride off again, cycling 145km to Bassano, a very tiny town South East of Calgary. Back to lovely 5am wake-ups. Obviously, I’m very excited. For once I’m not anticipating big hills, so a lot less to worry about. Tomorrow should be pretty much flat and downhill the whole way.

Sorry rest days are pretty uneventful, we try to make them that way! Back to more exciting blogs with pictures and stories tomorrow!


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