Day 6 Kamloops Rest Day

I’m going to keep this short because I’ve procrastinated writing this all day and now it’s 10:30 and I have to wake up at 5 am tomorrow morning.

We spent a lot of the day today resting and trying to stay out of the heat. It’s 40 degrees here, which is crazy. That’s one of the reasons we’re going to try to get out of here so early, to beat the heat. The other reason is that it’s our longest day of the whole trip (140km), we’re headed to Sicamous.

A highlight of today was having to get my hair cut by my mom and Carl. (Carl came up to visit for the day.) My hair was so long that riding with it in a pony tail made it get all matted and tangled because of the wind. We decided it would, therefore, be a fabulous idea to cut it off (8 inches of it at least). The hairdresser in the mall across the street was booked, so obviously the next best idea was to do it ourselves. We then headed to buy some scissors and proceeded to cut my hair. I do not know why I let them, seeing as it is now very, very, lopsided. Oh well.

Sadly the Canadian team was eliminated from the World Cup. Watched this game eating pizza, of course, how else would it be done?

Hopefully all goes as planned tomorrow and we get to the ‘large’ town of Sicamous, exciting.

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